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Papyrus FNF Mod (2.1) is a new Friday Night Funkin' mod that puts FNF’s Boyfriend and Undertale’s Papyrus against one another. For the uninitiated, Papyrus is a major character in the two-dimensional role-playing game, Undertale. Like other Friday Night Funkin’ mods, Daddy Dearest is replaced with a new antagonist. In this case, it is the brother of Sans

Papyrus FNF is different from The Great Papyrus and Sans Full Week mod. One notable difference is the graphics; Papyrus FNF is rendered in smooth, hand-drawn graphics. The Great Papyrus and Sans, meanwhile, is rendered in 2D 8-bit format. 

Can you beat Papyrus?

Friday Night Funkin', is a music-themed game influenced by PaRappa the Rapper and Dance Dance Revolution. Papyrus FNF Mod is a mod that once installed will be included in the game’s story mode beginning with Week 1. The game begins with a cut scene of Papyrus declaring that he will capture Boyfriend and Girlfriend. After this, the game immediately begins. 

If you’re an Undertale fanatic, you’ll be happy to hear that the music is based on the Undertale rap song, ‘To The Bone.’ Using your WASD or arrow keys to align each floating arrow as closely as possible. The meter at the bottom of the frame will decide the result of each round. It is possible for the meter to turn to the left or right.

When you win, it moves to the left, and when you lose, it moves to the right. Depending on how well you do, the meter will also go from green to red. You will play this game in 3 difficulty modes: easy, intermediate, and hard. Thanks to the fast-paced music and complicated arrow variations, the Easy mode in this mod can be demanding.

Great service to Undertale fans

Papyrus FNF is a novelty mod for Undertale fans. They get to see their favorite characters and interact with them as well. Besides this, the Papyrus FNF mod doesn’t make any other major changes to the game. You still get to play Friday Night Funkin’ the same way you would the original game. Hopefully, over time, the mod will pit you against Sans and include more music. 


  • Crossover between Undertale and FNF
  • Includes original Undertale music
  • Challenging, fast-paced music


  • Limited to 1 opponent
  • Limited to 1 new song

Program available in other languages

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